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Shoe Helper

Our Shoe Helper is 2.5 feet (30” / 76.5cm) tall. One end of the Shoe Helper is a traditional shoe horn to help you get your shoes on. The other end is a horseshoe shaped aid to lock your shoe in place so you can get take your shoe off easily.

Our users include the elderly, people with back problems and limited mobility and pregnant ladies

Iconicare have an exclusive distribution arrangement for the UK

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  • Make putting your shoes on and taking off an easy task
  • Take your shoes on or off simply and quickly
  • The Shoe Helper is lightweight, durable and free standing
  • Won’t slip or damage footwear
  • Available in wood (two colours) and plastic
  • Simple and stylish.
  • Like all our products, the Iconicare Shoe Helper is of the highest quality and comes with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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