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LED Flashing Safety Ferrules

Our illuminated safety walking Ferrule is 19mm in diameter. It lights up when you put the cane down.

When fitted securely to the base of a walking stick, this ferrule provides heavy duty, non slip grip and support for the user. This grip reduces the risk of slips and falls, thus reducing injury concerns for the user.

This can aid elderly and disabled people who are unsteady on their feet, providing a secure base to facilitate safer walking. The light up feature of this ferrule makes it brilliant to use and helps ensure your safety in the dark and half light.

Also see our LED Flashing Light Quad replacement ferrules, providing increased stability. This is an ideal partner for the Folding LED Light Walking Stick with Alarm.

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  • Flashing mode enables user to be seen in the dark
  • Choice of colours – blue, red and white
  • Simple and easy to fit
  • Fits securely to bottom of walking sticks
  • Provides non slip support
  • Facilitates safer and more comfortable walking
  • Improves safety and reduces risk of injury
  • Cost-effective mobility aid
  • Ideal for elderly and disabled users
  • Heavy Duty Walking Stick Ferrule diameter: 19mm (0.75")

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